Jan 30, 2022 Messenger Meta Encryption

Messenger end-to-end encryption launched for everyone

Now everyone gets end-to-end encryption

Meta has introduced a number of new features and changes to Messenger. The most important of these is that end-to-end encryption (E2EE) now applies to everyone and everything - even group chat and phone calls.


It comes in handy, considering that Messenger is actively used by hundreds of millions of people.


The function is so-called "opt-in" so you have to make a choice to get the new and more sophisticated encryption method which since last year has been in a test period.


Alerts that the other party takes a screenshot
The advertisement states that you will also receive a notification if someone takes a screenshot of the messages you send when the intention has been for these to be encrypted.



The update generally makes it more relevant to use encrypted E2EE chat as many of the common features are implemented. You can use GIF messages, stickers, and reactions. In addition, it is also possible to respond directly to a message as you are used to before, outside of encrypted calls.

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