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Claims Samsung's own laptop CPU is on its way

General|May 14, 2021

In Korea, it is rumored that Samsung is following in Apple's footsteps and developing its own processors for laptops, the Exynos 2200. [more]


Samsung's 512GB DDR5 RAM is RAW: up to 112 percent faster

General|Mar 27, 2021

7200 Mb / s DDR5 RAM chips are on their way from Samsung, but unfortunately they are not aimed at your gaming computer. Not yet. [more]


Samsung will launch its own AirTag rival: the Galaxy Smart Tag

General|Dec 2, 2020

Sammobile has unveiled the Galaxy Smart Tag with the model name EI-T5300. [more]


Finally good news: SSDs are getting faster and cheaper

IT|Nov 12, 2020

Micron Technology is ready with the next generation 3D NAND which has as many as 176 layers, an increase from 96 [more]


New NVMe from Samsung takes off: 7,000MB / s and 5,000MB / s - here are the prices

General|Sep 23, 2020

PCIe 4.0 makes it possible. [more]

This is Samsung's new mobile that only costs 2000 kroner

General|Jul 20, 2020

But it has a big problem. [more]


First in the world with external 8TB SSD, but for a price!

IT|Jul 2, 2020

Samsung has launched a new internal SSD. [more]

Samsung's Blu-Ray players are suddenly completely useless

General|Jun 23, 2020

Something strange happened on Friday. [more]


This is the new way to charge all the little things

General|May 10, 2020

Know about WLC first as last. [more]

So much worse is the Galaxy S20 in Norway

General|Apr 29, 2020

Much lower battery life with Exynos. The Galaxy S20 Plus with Snapdragon does not surprisingly have a much better battery life than the Exyons model. But now a robotic test has really been proven. [more]


Samsung confirms: these Galaxy models will not get Android 10

Google|Feb 28, 2020

Someone in the customer service department is guaranteed to get a call afterward. [more]


Samsung has started rolling out Android 10 for the Galaxy S9

General|Jan 30, 2020

Coming to Norway soon. [more]


Here they have managed to get the new Android feature working

General|Jan 26, 2020

Here's how Google's AirDrop clone. [more]


Samsung has developed virtual keyboard - to be shown in January

General|Jan 1, 2020

But you don't see the keyboard in front of you. [more]


Samsung will do better than OnePlus and Google - Galaxy S11 can have 120Hz display

General|Nov 22, 2019

Revealed in leaky screens. [more]


Samsung Customer Finds Simple Security Glitch That Allows Authentication Bypass in Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader

General|Oct 17, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader Glitch A customer has found a security flaw with her Samsung phone. [more]

Severe Android hole discovered - these phones are affected

Google|Oct 10, 2019

Both Huawei, Samsung and Pixel phones are on the list. [more]


Galaxy Tab S6 leak reveals brand new camera setup and wireless charging of pen

General|Jul 12, 2019

It may look like Samsung skips the Galaxy Tab S5. [more]


Samsung leak reveals 5G news

General|Jun 29, 2019

OnLeaks and Ice Universe claim there are two new models. [more]


The "Your Phone" feature has been supported by several mobile phones

Microsoft|Apr 28, 2019

Microsoft also introduces synchronized alerts. [more]

Don't even need a power cable: Samsung's futuristic TV becomes completely cordless

IT|Mar 8, 2019

Patents reveal big plans. [more]

Brand new leak: see what Samsung does for crypto users

Google|Jan 28, 2019

And so far the clearest picture we have seen of a real Galaxy S10. [more]


New AirPods 3 are coming this fall

Apple|Aug 3, 2021

Samsung is developing extreme DDR5 memory technology

General|Aug 2, 2021

How to disable 2FA CyberPanel 2.1 2021

Tutorials|Aug 1, 2021

One billion rickrollings

General|Jul 31, 2021

Spotify makes money. The artists get a tier for every 301st stream

General|Jul 30, 2021

The most important Chrome OS feature of 2021 isn't coming from Google

Google|Jul 29, 2021

iOS 15 beta 4 has been launched - better Safari in iPadOS

Apple|Jul 28, 2021

China's new Loongson CPU is almost as fast as the first Ryzen

General|Jul 27, 2021

Are they going to do something super smart? Apple is testing the external display with the A13 chip

Apple|Jul 26, 2021

2000 News Articles!

General|Jul 25, 2021

These are the iPhone models that get one of iOS 15's best features

Apple|Jul 24, 2021

Newly spotted Windows 10 and 11 vulnerability lets any user have admin privileges

Microsoft|Jul 23, 2021

Android 12 beta has been launched with the big news

Google|Jul 22, 2021

This is Apple's MagSafe extra battery - Norwegian price revealed

Apple|Jul 21, 2021

Windows in the cloud comes August 2, this is Windows 365

Microsoft|Jul 20, 2021