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Android 12 beta has been launched with the big news

Google|Jul 22, 2021

Google has finally launched Material You in Android 12 beta 3, while Apple today launched beta 3 for its OS. [more]


Mozilla skeptical: Google wants to end third-party cookies

Google|Jun 12, 2021

Google has put forward a proposal on how targeted ad tracking can be set up without exposing users to risk. Eric Rescorla, technical director of Mozilla Firefox, believes the proposal has a number of aspects that could pose a "significant privacy risk". [more]


You will love this Android 12 mandate

Google|May 31, 2021

The problem with Android has in all these years been too great opportunities to do its own thing where it does not make sense. [more]


Google Photos will have paid as early as next Tuesday

Google|May 30, 2021

After six years, Google Photos makes major changes on June 1: Free, unlimited Google Photo storage space expires. [more]


Android 12's quietly important privacy progress

Google|May 27, 2021

Android 12's visual advancements are understandably stealing the show, but there's another area of the software you shouldn't be overlooking. [more]


Easier platform switching between Android and iOS

IT|May 24, 2021

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will make it easier to transfer chat history between Android and iOS devices. It will be useful for those migrating from iOS to Android and vice versa. [more]


Personal data of over 100 million Android users has been leaked

Google|May 23, 2021

Incorrectly configured cloud services are blamed when it turns out that over 100 million Android users have had their data spread for all to see. [more]


This is the new standard from the giga companies: "Matter"

IT|May 13, 2021

Matter is the name of the new smart home standard that Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Google, SmartThings and the Connectivity Standards Alliance have now agreed on. The working name was “Project CHIP” (“Project Connected Home over IP”). [more]


Google took revenge when Roku threw YouTube out

Google|May 10, 2021

Roku and YouTube failed to agree on a renewal of the distribution agreement between them. As a result, Roku took down YouTube TV from its Roku Channel store. Then Google took action and put YouTube TV directly into the YouTube app. This is how they made sure that users on Roku devices... [more]


All about the latest Android 12 changes

Google|Apr 24, 2021

The third preview, Developer Preview Three (DP3), by the Android 12 developer has been launched with new application animations, improved touch feedback, new camera tools, and more. Android 12 builds on Android 11 from 2020, which is still not in place in everyone's smartphones. Beta is... [more]


Android 12: Automatic hibernation frees up resources

Google|Apr 23, 2021

With Android 11, Google introduced a feature that would automatically revoke the permissions of unused apps. With the next major upgrade, Android 12, Google may expand that feature and automatically put these apps to sleep. Not only that, but "temporary files", which probably indicate... [more]


BIG Android 12 leak: Google is copying this from Apple, and that's fine

Google|Apr 16, 2021

XDA Developers reports that Android 12 notifies you if an app sneaks up on text you've copied. [more]


Chrome now automatically translates audio and video

Google|Mar 22, 2021

In the latest version of Chrome, you can choose to have your browser automatically translate audio and video during playback. The function is fast and precise and impressive in many ways. For now, Instant Text only works in English, but you can choose to turn the feature on even if you... [more]


We doubt Apple wants to do this, but now you can upload your photos to Google Photos

Apple|Mar 5, 2021

Due to growing interest in potential monopoly situations in the technology sector, not to mention privacy, Apple politicians are in the lead this time. [more]


How to stop Apple Google snooping on iPhone

Apple|Feb 12, 2021

  Apple will stop sending secure browsing alerts via Google's servers from iOS 14.5. [more]


Apple TV is coming to Chromecast

IT|Dec 20, 2020

The Apple TV app launches to Chromecast with Google TV early next year, "and in the future even more devices running Android TV." [more]


If you are inactive for two years, Google may delete all content

Google|Dec 11, 2020

Google has changed its storage policies in a number of services. [more]


Now Chrome extensions have to answer for themselves

Google|Nov 25, 2020

From January next year, Google will require extensions to Chrome to explain what user data is used for. [more]


Why Google making its own Pixel chips could matter for you

General|Nov 15, 2020

Google's homemade processors could start appearing in Pixel products in a matter of months — and that could make a meaningful difference in the devices' evolution. [more]


The beauty and the shame of Google's Pixel 5 gamble

Google|Oct 4, 2020

Google's latest Pixel pivot could be a revelation — but the shift to a more value-minded flagship phone doesn't come without a cost. [more]


Pixel 5 should not really be able to charge wirelessly

General|Oct 2, 2020

It has an aluminum back. [more]


Android 11's biggest letdown

Google|Sep 28, 2020

One of Google's most promising Android advancements in ages isn't all it was originally cracked up to be. [more]


Android and the art of awkward timing

Google|Aug 26, 2020

"Hello! Here's an interesting new feature you'd almost certainly like to use. There's just one thing..." [more]


Windows 10 PC users can confirm payments using fingerprint on Google Chrome

Microsoft|Aug 6, 2020

Google is now bringing what it calls ‘more secure’ and ‘convenient’ Autofill feature to Chrome. Simply put, Chrome wants users to fill in forms securely without any user interaction. If you are a regular Chrome user, you already know about Autofill, don’t... [more]

Apple is finally embedding DNS security

Apple|Jul 4, 2020

And not the browser. Apple finally makes DNS security over HTTPS a thing in macOS. [more]


Will Google launch new Glass? Has traded AR glasses company

Google|Jul 1, 2020

Or does Google root it again? Google has traded AR glasses company North. [more]


Critical Vulnerability Discovered in Chrome, Users Should Upgrade to Chrome 81

Google|Apr 24, 2020

Heads up, Chrome users! A critical vulnerability exists in the Chrome browser that poses a security risk to users. Fortunately, Google has patched the bug before it could be exploited in the wild. Make sure to upgrade your devices to Google Chrome 81. [more]


Do the unthinkable: now Apple and Google will work together

IT|Apr 11, 2020

To track corona across iPhone and Android. [more]


Google Maps celebrates 15 years - gets new icon and more new features

Google|Feb 7, 2020

Updated today. Google Maps was launched in 2005 and since then the service has become public domain. To celebrate the 15th anniversary, Google is releasing a new Maps icon and adding even more features to the service. [more]


YouTube has secured a super contract

Google|Jan 27, 2020

Become an exclusive Activision Blizzard partner. [more]


Is Opera's reputation for fall?

General|Jan 21, 2020

Lending money in Asia and Africa. Interest rates? 878 percent. [more]


Steam on the way to Chromebooks, but is there any point?

General|Jan 18, 2020

Google works with Valve. [more]


Google promises to support chrome on windows 7 until july 2021

Google|Jan 14, 2020

Although Microsoft support for the aging OS ends this week, Google plans to continue updating its popular browser for Windows 7 until July 2021. [more]


You don't actually need a Pixel phone to use Stadia on Android

Google|Nov 29, 2019

The unofficial solution is already available. [more]


Gmail, Google Drive and Calendar come to

Google|Nov 21, 2019

Some have access already. [more]


Google Pixel 4 users dropped - now iPhone users get free full image storage

Google|Oct 22, 2019

Interesting development in the Google Photos case. [more]


See what Google has done with Assistant in India

General|Sep 21, 2019

Citizens can call a number and get answers to what they are wondering about. [more]


Amazingly, Google Docs has not had this feature until now

Google|Sep 11, 2019

But better late than never. [more]


Is this the beginning of the end for Google as we know the company?

Google|Sep 10, 2019

50 states investigating for breach of monopoly laws - target the ad section. Almost all US states, except Califonia and Alabama, have started researching Google's advertising business. [more]


New Google Assistant mode turns your Android device into a smart screen

Google|Sep 9, 2019

For those who do not want to spend money on an extra screen. [more]


Razer launches mobile covers with game motifs

General|Sep 1, 2019

Supports iPhone and Huawei, but not Razer phone. [more]


Both Chrome and Firefox extensions steal data from you

IT|Jul 26, 2019

Through a number of tools and extensions, it is reported. Users of both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have been consulted to take a look among the extensions you have installed after discovering several popular tools that collect and sell user data without permission. [more]


Google's camera translation gets better with upgraded AI and 60 new languages

General|Jul 14, 2019

Norwegian is part of the package. [more]


Spotify Lite launched for older Android phones

General|Jul 10, 2019

Music in your ears, literally. [more]