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BIOS update increases performance in laptops

IT|Jul 4, 2021

About a month after the launch of the RTX 30 series Ampere GPUs, Nvidia announced that OEMs will provide Total Graphics Power (TGP) for their RTX 3000 laptops. Nvidia has given OEMs the freedom to set their own performance values instead of referring to reference specifications. [more]


Here are the first screenshots from Battlefield - Norwegian revealed encrypted message

General|Jun 7, 2021

Four screenshots from Battlefield have been leaked. [more]


Why Microsoft would want to acquire Discord, which is reportedly exploring a $10B-plus sale

Microsoft|Mar 25, 2021

The gaming-focused VoIP app Discord is reportedly on the market, and it’s possible that Microsoft might be the buyer. VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi reported Monday that Discord is in final negotiations about a sale with an unspecified buyer, and has been in “active... [more]


Apple wants to know everything about Steam

Apple|Feb 21, 2021

Apple has sued Valve. Apple is preparing for a big battle against Epic to retain control of the App Store [more]


Finally, you do not have to make this Playstation 5 miss again

General|Dec 28, 2020

Now not only does the Playstation 5 ask which version you are about to launch on the PS5, but also which one you should download. [more]


Make sure you do not make this Playstation 5 error

General|Nov 17, 2020

Sony has made an ever so small blister with PS5 installations and the interface. [more]


You never guess what he's playing Doom on here

General|Sep 10, 2020

This year's perhaps weirdest mod is weirder than you first thought. [more]

Has launched Popcorn Time for games

IT|May 29, 2020

Make piracy even easier. Vapor Store takes a new approach to piracy. [more]


Steam on the way to Chromebooks, but is there any point?

General|Jan 18, 2020

Google works with Valve. [more]


Apple promises Christmas surprises on the App Store between December 24 and 29

Apple|Dec 25, 2019



You don't actually need a Pixel phone to use Stadia on Android

Google|Nov 29, 2019

The unofficial solution is already available. [more]


Now Rockstar also has its own and you get free GTA on the purchase

General|Sep 19, 2019

GTA: San Andreas is coming along. [more]


Such is the new Counter Strike GO

General|May 4, 2019

New map out there. [more]

Check out the crazy sum EA paid Ninja to pour Apex Legends

IT|Mar 17, 2019

Earned millions of dollars to play for a few hours. Tyler Blevins, better known as the Ninja in the gaming world, was one of the profiled streams paid by EA to play Apex Legends during launch. [more]

Epic Games feel threatened - tempt with free Battle Pass

General|Feb 19, 2019

"Apex Legends" has become the first choice of streams. [more]

This graphics adjustment causes DICE to look red

IT|Jan 27, 2019

Banned Battlefield 5 players but is it cheating? Unfortunately, there are many who resort to any means to gain an advantage over others in online gaming, and this example is one of the many we have had over the years where the situation ends up in a gray zone because the game developer... [more]

Epic Games launches app store for Android in 2019

IT|Jan 5, 2019

Can they take up the fight against Apple and Google? Just a month ago, Epic Games announced a digital game store that will compete against Steam. [more]


New AirPods 3 are coming this fall

Apple|Aug 3, 2021

Samsung is developing extreme DDR5 memory technology

General|Aug 2, 2021

How to disable 2FA CyberPanel 2.1 2021

Tutorials|Aug 1, 2021

One billion rickrollings

General|Jul 31, 2021

Spotify makes money. The artists get a tier for every 301st stream

General|Jul 30, 2021

The most important Chrome OS feature of 2021 isn't coming from Google

Google|Jul 29, 2021

iOS 15 beta 4 has been launched - better Safari in iPadOS

Apple|Jul 28, 2021

China's new Loongson CPU is almost as fast as the first Ryzen

General|Jul 27, 2021

Are they going to do something super smart? Apple is testing the external display with the A13 chip

Apple|Jul 26, 2021

2000 News Articles!

General|Jul 25, 2021

These are the iPhone models that get one of iOS 15's best features

Apple|Jul 24, 2021

Newly spotted Windows 10 and 11 vulnerability lets any user have admin privileges

Microsoft|Jul 23, 2021

Android 12 beta has been launched with the big news

Google|Jul 22, 2021

This is Apple's MagSafe extra battery - Norwegian price revealed

Apple|Jul 21, 2021

Windows in the cloud comes August 2, this is Windows 365

Microsoft|Jul 20, 2021