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Newly spotted Windows 10 and 11 vulnerability lets any user have admin privileges

Microsoft|Jul 23, 2021

Windows 11 preview testers have discovered an early security bug, one that seems to have carried over from Windows 10. This new Windows 10 and Windows 11 vulnerability creates a path for any local user to gain admin privileges. [more]


Microsoft elevates Teams' importance by offering top-dollar bug bounties

Microsoft|Apr 4, 2021

The company has launched a new bug bounty program for Teams that offers as much as $30,000 to security researchers for previously-unknown vulnerabilities. It's a sign of the software's growing importance. [more]


Update iPhone and Mac - has dangerous holes: download iOS 14.4.1

General|Mar 10, 2021

Apple has released a security update for the iPhone and iPad in the form of iOS 14.4.1 which comes just before the launch of iOS 14.5, probably at the end of the month combined with new hardware. [more]


Critical Slack Bug Allows Access to Private Channels, Conversations

General|Sep 2, 2020

The RCE bug affects versions below 4.4 of the Slack desktop app. [more]


vBulletin Zero-Day Surfaces Online Following Patch Bypass

IT|Aug 15, 2020

Recently, vBulletin addressed a zero-day vulnerability that was quickly exploited. The bug appeared as a result of bypassing the patch for a previously known and fixed vulnerability. [more]


Disgruntled Researcher Drops Two Tor (0Days?) Vulnerabilities – Promises More Soon!

General|Aug 5, 2020

An angry researcher has dropped two Tor vulnerabilities (he calls them 0day) for similar reasons. He also pledges to drop more such bugs in the days to come. [more]


Emergency Update Addressed Multiple Adobe Photoshop Vulnerabilities

General|Jul 27, 2020

Adobe have issued an out-of-band update right after the Patch Tuesday update bundle. This update addressed multiple vulnerabilities across different products, including critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Photoshop. [more]


Cloudflare Outage Caused Numerous Websites To Go Down For Some Time

General|Jul 26, 2020

Last week, different websites went down in multiple states of the US. Though, people initially feared a cyber attack. However, it now turns out that the reason was actually a Cloudflare outage that affected numerous websites. [more]


WFH Alert: Critical Bug Found in Old D-Link Router Models

IT|Jun 17, 2020

Researchers find six bugs in consumer D-Link DIR-865L Wireless AC 1750 Dual-Band Cloud Router. [more]


Critical Vulnerability Discovered in Chrome, Users Should Upgrade to Chrome 81

Google|Apr 24, 2020

Heads up, Chrome users! A critical vulnerability exists in the Chrome browser that poses a security risk to users. Fortunately, Google has patched the bug before it could be exploited in the wild. Make sure to upgrade your devices to Google Chrome 81. [more]


Slack Patch Critical Vulnerability Allowing Automated Account Takeovers

General|Mar 22, 2020

A critical security vulnerability existed in Slack that could have lead to a massive data breach affecting its customers. Slack also fixed another vulnerability together with this one. [more]


Slack Patch Critical Vulnerability Allowing Automated Account Takeovers

General|Mar 18, 2020

A critical security vulnerability existed in Slack that could have lead to a massive data breach affecting its customers. Slack also fixed another vulnerability together with this one. [more]


12 Android 11 News You Should Know About

Google|Feb 21, 2020



Serious Facebook Glitch Temporarily Exposed Page Admin Accounts

General|Jan 16, 2020

Once again, Facebook has (unintentionally) breached users’ privacy. Facebook developed a glitch that exposed page admin accounts to the public. Though, it was a short-lived bug, people still managed to exploit it for numerous high-profile pages. [more]


You should update Firefox NOW

General|Jan 13, 2020

Both Mozilla and the US authorities say you should hurry. [more]


Multiple TikTok Vulnerabilities Could Exploit Or Delete Users’ Personal Data

General|Jan 12, 2020

Social media craze TikTok has now made it to the news owing to security issues. Researchers have found numerous vulnerabilities in the TikTok app that could risk users’ security. Exploiting the bugs could allow an attacker to add or delete users’ videos or alter privacy... [more]


Developers are haunted by the Year 2000 problem - 14,000 parking machines need to be updated manually

IT|Jan 11, 2020

The reason? Laziness. [more]


The Chrome 79 update on Android is destroying apps

Google|Dec 17, 2019

Google has applied the emergency brake and stopped the rollout. [more]


Vulnerability Hit Truecaller App Potentially Affecting Millions Of Users

General|Nov 26, 2019

The popular call-blocking application Truecaller has recently made it to the news due to a security flaw. A researcher discovered a serious vulnerability in the Truecaller app that could have threatened the security of millions of users. [more]


Windows Update brings up the start menu

Microsoft|Oct 11, 2019

A number of users are once again experiencing problems after a recent update was released. [more]


Google Chrome 76 Puts an End to Incognito Mode Tracking and Brings 43 Security Fixes

Google|Aug 6, 2019

Google has launched the latest version of its Chrome browser. With Google Chrome 76, the tech giant has addressed 76 security vulnerabilities. Moreover, it has also put an end to Incognito Mode tracking by websites. [more]


Was drawn NOK 15,000 for a Uber tour

General|Jul 23, 2019

Users had to pay 100 times more than normal. [more]


Here's why your Windows 10 computer takes a long time to shut down

Microsoft|Jun 28, 2019

Due to USB-C errors in version 1809. [more]


Multiple Vulnerabilities In Microsoft Server Infrastructure Allows Arbitrary Code Execution

Microsoft|May 7, 2019

Researchers have discovered numerous vulnerabilities in Microsoft server. These vulnerabilities, upon exploit, could threaten the integrity and confidentiality of the systems. Two of these vulnerabilities could even allow arbitrary code execution. [more]

Over 50 security holes patched in iOS 12.2

General|Mar 29, 2019

Several of them serious. [more]

Say this five times to your iPhone, so take the night

Apple|Feb 18, 2019

The error is in the latest software. [more]

This is how Apple compensates the boy who discovered the FaceTime error

Apple|Feb 12, 2019

Contributes to the boy's education. Apple has no plans to leave the 14-year-old who discovered the critical FaceTime error out of it all, now they promise to pay for the boy's education. [more]

Now Apple is being sued over the FaceTime tab

Apple|Feb 2, 2019

Communication between lawyer and client was overheard. An attorney from Houston in the United States goes after Apple for the FaceTime error that presented himself in the iOS and allowed people to hear from the other end of the phone before he had answered the call. [more]

Microsoft has bugged Windows again: paying customers get a pirate warning

Microsoft|Jan 13, 2019

Larger issues with Windows 7 and network issues with Server 2008. Server 2008 R1 and Windows 7 users experience problems after the updates KB4480970 and KB4480960. [more]

Microsoft has cleared up the Media Player failure

Microsoft|Dec 17, 2018

You can download the update now. You may remember the big rash that has occurred when the October 10 update to Windows 10 broke Windows Media Player, and Microsoft has later promised an update to fix it around mid-December. [more]


Considering crushing Nvidia's ARM dream

IT|Aug 5, 2021

Intel has accidentally unveiled the next generation USB C

IT|Aug 4, 2021

New AirPods 3 are coming this fall

Apple|Aug 3, 2021

Samsung is developing extreme DDR5 memory technology

General|Aug 2, 2021

How to disable 2FA CyberPanel 2.1 2021

Tutorials|Aug 1, 2021

One billion rickrollings

General|Jul 31, 2021

Spotify makes money. The artists get a tier for every 301st stream

General|Jul 30, 2021

The most important Chrome OS feature of 2021 isn't coming from Google

Google|Jul 29, 2021

iOS 15 beta 4 has been launched - better Safari in iPadOS

Apple|Jul 28, 2021

China's new Loongson CPU is almost as fast as the first Ryzen

General|Jul 27, 2021

Are they going to do something super smart? Apple is testing the external display with the A13 chip

Apple|Jul 26, 2021

2000 News Articles!

General|Jul 25, 2021

These are the iPhone models that get one of iOS 15's best features

Apple|Jul 24, 2021

Newly spotted Windows 10 and 11 vulnerability lets any user have admin privileges

Microsoft|Jul 23, 2021

Android 12 beta has been launched with the big news

Google|Jul 22, 2021