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Fixed the nasty Windows 11 privacy bug

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Google and Microsoft coded their screenshot apps wrong.

Microsoft has updated Windows 11 Snipping Tool (11.2302.20.0) and Windows 10 Snip & Sketch (10.2008.3001.0). Both new versions save only what the user takes advantage of.


Microsoft promises to take action

Because an error was discovered with the Google Pixel's built-in section feature that was later fixed in an update. The error was that, even though you thought you were only saving parts of the content on the screen, the app took much more screen information than was seen and saved it in the file. That way, you could see much more in the screenshots than you thought.


Now the same problem has been discovered in Windows 10 and 11. Microsoft has not fixed the errors yet, but spokesperson Rachel Tougher Withers says the company is aware of the problems and that they will take the necessary steps "to protect our customers."


This is happening

To test the error, bring up the screenshot tool in Windows 11 with windows+shift+s. Press the save icon from the full screen. Then save a section of this image and save over the same file. In that case, parts of the entire screen may be revealed in the image file.


To avoid the problem, the image must initially be cropped. It is also worth noting that the original “Snipping Tool” for Windows 10 is not affected.

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