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"iPhone 15 Pro Max breaks the record"

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The well-known Apple leaker Ice Universe backs up a rumor we've heard before.

The iPhone 15 Pro launch is extra important
Because there is talk of Apple cutting the bezels on the new iPhone 15 Pro that will arrive in September. At the same time, these Pro models are equipped with a titanium body.


The combination of this and the USB C port will mean that there will be a larger cosmetic overhaul than usual, although not a total overhaul.


The iPhone 15 Pro series can also be extra expensive:


Goes all the way down to 1.55 mm around the panel

It is certainly the iPhone 15 Pro Max that gets the smallest frames and will beat the record that the Xiaomi 13 has with its 1.55 mm against 1.88 mm.


We can also compare like this: iPhone 14 Pro measures 2.17 mm against the Galaxy S23 Ultra's 1.95 mm. As for the 15 Pro model, this also gets smaller frames but is not as dramatically thin as the 15 Pro Max. Instead, it is compared to the Apple Watch.


In addition, it is expected that the 15 Pro Max will be the only one with periscope lenses for extra good zoom, while the Pro and Pro Max will both get this in 2024.

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