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"Here Microsoft pirates Windows 10"

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Finally, it has happened: Microsoft has pirated its own software, for a customer.

Spent thousands on Windows 10

It's @TCNOco on Twitter who reports that it all started when the Windows 10 key bought on the Windows Store didn't work. After the person concerned contacted the first level of Windows support, the matter was escalated.


And that's when it started to get fun. Because the person on the other side did something very special per TCNO/TroubleChute: they used pirated software to force activation of the OS the customer spent NOK 2,000 on "several years ago."


“Activated key pirated”
The developer of the hack himself confirmed that the software is illegal and that it is the second time the person has heard of Microsoft using pirated software to make it easier for all parties after a fresh installation.


I can not believe it. My official Microsoft Store Windows 10 Pro key could not be activated and support could not help me yesterday. Today the case escalated. The official Microsoft support (not a scam) logged in with Quick Assist and ran a command to activate Windows.


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