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“Is built wrong”

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The companies started by referring to what we now call assistants (Siri is, per Apple, an "intelligent assistant"), for AIs.

Could never become ChatGPT before ChatGPT


But what they were and still are, is not much more than a service that retrieves answers from a database. That is the subject of The New York Times' major report on Siri, which was first launched 12 years ago, back then as an exclusive feature for the iPhone 4s. Later, Siri has been found in all iPhone models but has changed little.


For the big pants with smarter answers that are perceived to be correct to a greater extent, has not happened. Not beyond updates to the databases so that the assistants can answer more things, link more services to them, and hear you better. At least that's the goal. Voice recognition has also been launched for selected platforms.


But ultimately the assistants are nothing more than glorified timers and music players. What everyone is wondering is whether OpenAI's GPT language model platform can change everything. Probably, including Google Bard, but the companies have a job to do.


Manual updates took weeks
John Burkey spoke to The Times. As a former Apple Siri developer in 2014, he has knowledge of the product that no one else has. According to Burkey, the platform was so poorly coded that it took weeks to add basic features.


The developer describes a primitive setup where the database included a gigantic array of words in nearly two dozen languages, including place names, restaurants, and musicians.


Burkey refers to it as a "big snowball" where new content is added and the snowball grows. The problem with a growing data set is that it takes a long time to rebuild the database upon changes: up to six weeks to rebuild the entire database. New functions such as search? It took almost a year.


Therefore, there was never hope for Siri as many hoped for in the past. There has not been a system present at Apple that could secure and sort new web content, and ultimately make Siri fundamentally smarter. Apple's voice assistant was never built for the job, and probably neither was Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


There is reason to believe that Apple is building Siri from scratch, and has been doing so for some time. They have to know that we have language models with human-like qualities. If not, the company has a problem

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