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The Windows 12 date may have been revealed

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Microsoft has seen itself forced to limit the use of ChatGPT. Meanwhile, the Build 2023 dates have leaked.

Microsoft is turning on its chatbot

The first restriction was announced in February:


"In a new blog post, Microsoft says that "very long chat sessions can confuse the underlying language model in the new Bing. To address these issues, we've implemented changes that help focus the chat.” This means that from today you are limited to 50 chat rounds per day and five "chat turns" per session. A "turn" is one question and one answer from Bing."


But this was several weeks ago, and since then Microsoft has increased to 150 per day. Last week, the company had to limit entry again and set it to a maximum of 120.


The company was always clear that this was only temporary, and quite rightly so: now the limit is again 150.


The 15s Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi refers to is associated with the session.


May 23 could be the big date

Microsoft's developer fair Build will be extra exciting this year with a rumored unveiling of Windows 12.


Well-known Microsoft leaker “WalkingCat” on Twitter has revealed that Build will be held digitally from May 23rd to 24th and simultaneously in Seattle in person from May 23rd to 25th.


Therefore, expect May 23 to be the day Microsoft reveals Windows 12 if they reveal such a version number jump. They may only be announcing a major upgrade to Windows 11.


Microsoft has started a canary test channel to test brand-new features. It is expected that several of them will find their way to the new OS. The first launch was a new Windows 11 version.

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