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Microsoft is begging you

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We already know that Microsoft is doing almost everything it can to convince Windows 10 users to upgrade to 11. But after a series of problems, as always after a big OS launch, there are probably some skeptical users out there.

Continuing with the same trick

It was in February that we wrote the case "Here Microsoft is taking it too far." The reason is that they serve big images like this in an attempt to convince about OS upgrades - notice how hard it is to find the choice to keep the current OS:



Microsoft must have discovered a high success rate
Microsoft has clearly not received enough criticism, and the opposite: this must have given them success because now they are trying almost the same strategy with the Edge browser.


Almost, because you have to start Edge for the new welcome screen to appear. The image appears when there is supposedly news in the browser, but as always it is an ulterior motive.


Be sure to check this button if you do not want Edge as the default

Because when you press "let's get started", a second page appears with a choice ticked off for you: "Use Microsoft's recommended browser settings" - you can only guess what it is: Edge as the default browser.


You can deactivate the intersection and continue as before. After this has been done, you will be notified that the browser has actually been updated.


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