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This is what Netflix says about account sharing in Norway

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There is now greater clarity about exactly how Netflix will stop account sharing in Norway.

Netflix's PR representative that they do not block account sharing in Norway yet.


We will update you with more information when available.


Is on its way internationally
The service has struggled with this for many years, and after they lost viewers this summer, they blamed this as a problem among other things.


If a Netflix account is used by a device that is not associated with the primary account owner's household, the device must be verified before it can be used to watch Netflix. We do this to verify that the device using the account has permission to do so.


From the outset, two things are on the way: advertising subscriptions with a lower price and the option to pay extra to continue account sharing outside the house.


If this is discovered, the person paying is told to pay even a little more, if not then you are locked out.


When a non-household device logs into an account or is used regularly, we may ask you to verify that device before it can be used to watch Netflix or ask you to switch Netflix households. We do this to verify that the entity using the account has permission to do so. See “Verifying a Device” below to learn more.



Netflix explains this in Norwegian
But how will Netflix enforce this?

Now the FAQ page of the company reveals a little more on the help page with the preamble "a Netflix account can be used by people belonging to the same household."


We use information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity on devices logged into the Netflix account.


It is also interesting that Netflix finally explains, also on the Norwegian version of the help page, how it all works if the service detects that you are sharing with others:

“When someone logs into your account from a device not associated with your Netflix household, or if your account is regularly used from somewhere outside your household, we may ask you to verify the device before it can be used to watch Netflix. We do this to verify that the entity using the account has permission to do so.”

Next, Netflix lists the following points about what needs to be done, including a 15-minute time limit to activate the device:


  1. Netflix sends a link to the email address or phone number associated with the primary account owner.

  2. The link opens a page with a four-digit verification code.

  3. The code must be entered on the device that requested the code within 15 minutes.

  4. If the code has expired, you must request a new verification code from the device.

  5. Once verified, the device can be used to watch Netflix.

  6. Device verification may be required from time to time.


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