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“iPhone 15 looks like Android”

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We don't think there have been enough iPhone rumors lately.

Now the iPhone 15 rumors start in earnest
Fortunately, more details are now suddenly being revealed.


We can start with perhaps the least interesting, but still very important: the frames.


How big the frames are around the panel has a lot to say about the whole experience, so when we now hear that Apple will not only cut them further but also introduce a completely new design starting with the iPhone 15 Pro, we'd like to hear more.


The fact that the Pro models this autumn will have smaller frames also indicates larger screens, but that probably won't happen. However, the non-Pro models remain as they are, but get "Dynamic Island" and always-on display. The big question: do all models get 120Hz? It almost has to happen.


The still a flat panel even if the design on the back is curved
There are more design revelations from “ShrimpApplePro.”


One of them is, and we have heard this before, that the back of the mobile (the iPhone 15 Pro series is decorated with titanium) is curved like the iPhone 5c (2013) and the way the new MacBook Pro is.


The leaker compares the new design to the Apple Watch. This is where we must be allowed to mention "Apple Watch Ultra" and "iPhone Ultra"? We'll see which name Apple lands on. If it is "Ultra", it is no surprise that only it gets "super-zoom"


The rate of leakage will increase in the future
It is a bit absurd that before February we knew so many details about mobile phones that will be launched in September, but this is how it has turned out; also last year it was the case that early leaks turned out to be correct, albeit with some modifications.


The sum of all the changes for the Pro models will thus end this year with the Pro models looking more like an Android mobile according to the same leaker, without us being able to visualize how if the panel doesn't also curve. It will be exciting to see the CAD drawings when they start to appear.


Expect leaks of CAD drawings (technical drawings) of components and/or the design in the coming months, then let's hope for both always-on-panel and "Dynamic Island"-like leaks in relation to details in March/April.

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