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This took them five years

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The volume control with connected audio devices in Windows has not been optimal for many years.

Constantly testing new solutions

One of the reasons is probably that Microsoft has gone back and forth with interfaces and visual styles as often as they have launched new OSes.


Combine this with old interface remnants left over from the Windows 3.11 days, and it quickly becomes difficult to create optimal solutions, but it will be possible.


Filter by "EarTrumpet"
Many of us switch between audio sources several times a day, but pressing Windows+G to bring up the Xbox interface for games is a bit excessive, it takes over the entire screen and makes the most sense when playing.


Microsoft's solution seems to be to copy "EarTrumpet", a popular program that solves it all smarter since 2018 (yes, of course, we wrote about the app back then).


This will probably be able to be activated soon without "hacking"
Fast forward to 2023 and Microsoft is working on a real overhaul that draws inspiration from "EarTrumpet".


In the latest Dev test version, it is possible to activate the new sound mixer by turning on a "flag", i.e. a secret function. It is expected that Dev testers will soon be able to activate this, and other test functions, from a new menu.


It's actually former Microsoft developer Dave Amenta and Microsoft "MVP" Rafael Rivera who coded "EarTrumpet," and have noted that Microsoft has seen their work:


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