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Think he may have exposed the biggest problem with Windows laptops

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In the same way as ARM chipsets, such as the Apple M series, Windows laptops are not able to hibernate smartly and efficiently. What are the causes of all the problems?

Basic properties have been destroyed for several years
This is a problem due to Intel forcing the industry to implement "Modern Standby" which does not turn off the CPU completely, but allows it to do smaller tasks.


In previous versions of the technology that controls this, the RAM has been active but the CPU is turned off. With the CPU active, Bluetooth connections can be maintained and updates can be installed.


It's a smart idea, but only when implemented correctly. The fact that there is a sea of manufacturers and several different hibernation technologies over the years has made it even more difficult to keep the battery life at its peak across different Windows versions - to make it even more complicated.


Intel's sleep mode does not work with Microsoft's integration
Now Linux Tech Tips has tackled the problem to find out why, over the past three years, it has been the case that Windows laptops, regardless of manufacturer, do not sleep with the lid closed again but are hot and drained of battery.


It is difficult to understand what is wrong as the battery performance can be good one day, and miserable another. To make matters worse, it affects all manufacturers.


The fact is that MacBooks can also be affected by the error. The solution is to visit the battery settings, hibernate the disk when the machine is running on battery, and only activate wake for network access when the machine is plugged in.


You must check this before force-activating S3
Is there such a solution for Windows? It was possible in Windows 10, but Microsoft removed the option in the interface and later blocked registry hacks and other tricks to get around the lock.


The reason is that the other sleep modes you want to activate in Windows are not supported in the firmware and can therefore crash the machine when it goes to sleep.


It is S3 support that you want on your machine. To check if you have S3, type powercfg /a in the Windows terminal window.


You can check in the BIOS if your laptop can activate S3, and then try


This could be the reason - now it's up to Microsoft
Ultimately, Linux thinks the problem is this: the machines don't realize that they have to turn off the network connection automatically when you unplug them and throw them in your bag, which explains why it happens sporadically.


This also explains why you can feel that the machine is warm when you take it out of the bag well in advance: it thinks it is connected to power and installed the big Windows update. In any case, the machine will lose more power than it should, and it can be scary if you think you can trust the battery and drop the charger.


It is not guaranteed to work, but a solution may be to unplug the connector before closing the screen.


Linux says he can't recommend Windows laptops until Microsoft fixes the bug. It will be interesting to see if he gets an answer.


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