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This is how the iPhone 15 Pro becomes much faster

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Starting next year, the iPhone 15 will finally arrive, and that without Lightning.

It is expected that the 2023 models will get USB C
The iPhone 5 in 2012 was the first mobile with the standard, which therefore lags far behind USB C in terms of performance.


It has long been known that the EU will require USB C on the vast majority of gadgets by the autumn of 2024.


The speeds will be different
But it is not the case that all iPhone 15 models will be equally USB C fast, even if they all get the standard.


The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (iPhone Ultra could be a thing, but it's a little too early even with no concrete rumors) get faster data transfer via USB C.


The Pro models can get up to 40Gbps
The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus supposedly get the same USB 2.0 speeds we've been used to for a while, which max out at 480Mbps. The Pro models next year, however, will get at least USB C 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3 speeds.

With 3.2, the speed can go up to 20Gbps, while Thunderbolt 3 will be able to deliver up to 40Gbps. This will be important for those who record a lot of videos.


Something similar has already been rumored
It was rumored that this year's models would get faster Lightning, but that did not happen - it seems that Apple changed its mind or that the source was wrong.


At the same time, Apple has started testing rapid security updates for those on iOS 16.2 beta 3. The updates called "Rapid Security Response" do not require a full iOS update to fix critical security flaws. The feature was announced with iOS 16.

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