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These countries cheat the most and this is how they do it

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Did you know that the Danes are the fifth most cheating in the world with a five percent cheating rate?

"There is a five percent greater chance of players in the UK versus the US"

Not us either, but now we have a bit more of an overview of who you can't trust, we believe a survey from Caziwoo.


The most popular cheat method is the "motherlode" which gives Sims players 50,000 "simoleons" (ed. note: the game's value) right away. That it is most popular because it works on all editions of Sims, and as you know there are a couple of them. It's also free.


Followed by this, subscription services are the most popular:

“These allow players to access a wealth of cheats, hacks, and mods for popular game titles. By far the most popular service is WeMod, which describes itself as “the world's best application for modding thousands of single-player PC games”, including Cyberpunk 2077, Age of Empires, and Football Manager.”



See the figures here
The service says it has analyzed global search data and player statistics to reveal how many people were using cheats and fanfare right then - they also have an overview of which games are most likely to see an increasing number of cheaters.


It is surprising that these services are bigger than bots when it comes to search volume, given that bots have been considered one of the most widespread problems. When it comes to which bots people search for the most, AimBot comes out on top. Aimbot helps players aim at a target when playing FPS, increasing their likelihood of causing significant damage to opponents.


Key figures:

Global interest in cheating has increased by almost 18 percent over the past year
The most popular bots used by players are AimBot and HealBot. TriggerBot experienced a 13 percent increase in interest this year
Fines aren't the only searchers: searches for subscription services for cheating are also up 41 percent over the past five years


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