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How to set up NightScout Docker using CyberPanel Hosting panel

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How to set up NightScout Docker using CyberPanel Hosting panel

I managed to figure out a way to use the docker, it was quite easy actually.
All I needed was the correct config values, and boom, the docker image within CyberPanel was almost like type and up.

1. Have a VPS.
2. go to Manage Images
3. Search for



4. Choose either "Latest" or "Latest_Dev" (I went with "Latest")
5. Click "Create container" top right.
6. Add your config files to this page.
7. You must at least give it 1024MB of memory. (Choose to start Nightscout on restart)

Choose an IP of your choice, most common ports are over 1000, or over 3000.
Any port will do (As long as you don't have any private ports conflicting with your port choice.)

7. Register at

8. Use the mongodb+srv:// address you get when setting up a cluster at the atlas. (See image at point 7 for reference where to put



How to make a MongoDB server at Atlas:

1. Click "Create" top right.


2. Choose "Shared Cluster" at the top.
3. Choose Azure (And Ireland or any other country that you see allows you to do it for free)
4. Continue with the "ServerLess" option.
5. Press "Create Instance"

6. Click Connect.

7. Click on Copy button on the right side.


8. Go to your CyberPanel config page, and add this URL to Mongodb (See image point 7 over)

9. Nightscout Configs:



Values to the configs:
You need a base URL, but it does not have to be a valid domain unless you want to show the values using a domain instead of VPS IP in the browser.


Your API_Secret from your phone
careportal basal dbsize rawbg iob maker bridge cob bwp cage iage sage boluscalc pushover treatmentnotify mmconnect loop pump profile food openaps bage alexa override cors

10. Click Save.

11. Click "Start"

12. Go to

or (Requires more setup)

And you should be all set up.

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