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Now they can't fool around

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You probably remember several of the stories throughout where attempts have been made to make fun of Apple, the iPhone, or other parts of Apple's ecosystem in favor of Android.

Added Musk's tweet about weak Android Twitter app performance.


Now they can tease iPhone with iPhone
The problem is that the PR agencies that many of the big companies use are not always so lucky with employees who do not think through what they are doing before they publish something on Twitter. They may not be familiar with Twitter at all.


Each tweet that is sent is marked with which device is used, e.g. “Twitter for iPhone”, “Twitter for Android” or Twitter for the browser of a Mac or a Windows machine.


“Wasting space”
To the PR people's big dream, the entire labeling will soon disappear, that's Musk's plan.


The new boss says it's a waste of space and that "no one" knows why the feature was introduced anyway.


At the same time, Musk apologizes for the Twitter client being slow on Android and fired the person who worked on the platform for the past six years.

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