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The Taliban think PUBG is too violent

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The terrorist organization Taliban believes that PUBG is taking it too far.

"PUBG glorifies violence"
Krafton's game will be banned in Afghanistan in 88 days due to the Taliban's view of the game: they think it's a waste of time and "too violent." The Taliban took control of the country last year after the US left the country after a presence since 2001.


Taliban spokesman Inamullah Samangani already tweeted in April that PUBG, as well as TikTok (which will be banned in a month, and which is therefore considered more harmful), should be blocked because the content is a danger to children.


It is the telecom authorities in the country, together with a Sharia group, that decides what is to be banned in the country


The Taliban tweeted this in April
“The Department of Telecommunications and Information Technology is committed to blocking the game PUBG and the app TikTok. These lead the young generation astray. In the same way, we must prevent channels that publish immoral material and programs as much as possible."


The game has previously been banned in Pakistan, China, India, and Jordan.

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