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The “revolutionary update” is animated emojis

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Pavel Durov has posted a message on Telegram in which he wonders where an update to the iPhone will be.

The update to Telegram that was supposed to "revolutionize" how you express yourself is not as incredible as founder Pavel Durov previously hinted at - it's about animated emojis. Incidentally, the reason why Apple withheld the update was that the one package of animated expressions was too similar to Apple's own, and therefore violated copyright.


Durov reports on Telegram that paying customers will get the new animated emojis first and that an update in a few weeks will add support for custom emojis:

“It was an interesting engineering challenge to make hundreds of vector-based emojis with smooth animations playable simultaneously on the screen, regardless of mobile. Telegram is the first company to implement this in a mobile app.


Adding custom emojis to the text of a message is just the first step in the upcoming visual revolution on Telegram. In a few weeks, users will be able to add any custom emoji as a reaction to a message and display an emoji as the current status next to the name.


All of this will only be available to Premium subscribers because they are the ones who make it possible for Telegram to remain free and private for everyone.”


Thinks he will revolutionize messaging
According to Durov, Apple still hasn't finished reviewing the update even after two weeks. Durov is frustrated when he promises in the update to "revolutionize how people express themselves with messages."


He does not reveal what new functions the Telegram update will bring, but it is smart PR anyway.


If Telegram, one of the top ten most popular apps globally, gets this treatment, one can only imagine the difficulties experienced by smaller app developers. It's not just demoralizing: it's causing direct financial losses for hundreds of thousands of mobile apps globally.


This is far from the first time Apple has been criticized for this
Since launching the App Store in the summer of 2008, Apple has been criticized for the slow approval of apps as they go through all of them manually, in contrast to the Google Play Store which uses automated services to go through the code.


In addition, Apple is criticized for the up to 30 percent fee they take from developers who make money from their apps.


Pavel also comments on this:
"The problem is in addition to the 30 percent fee Apple and Google take from app developers. According to them, must pay for the resources needed to evaluate apps. The EU and others are slowly starting to look into these abusive practices, but the financial damage already inflicted by Apple on the technology industry cannot be undone.”

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