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Epson decides for the owner when the printer no longer works

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Epson can suddenly choose to disable the owner's printers even though everything seems to work properly.

Epson Remote-Defectors Printer
In recent weeks, there has been a lot of criticism against the printer manufacturer after it became known they take the right to disable printers they believe "need service".

This is not exactly a new thing in the industry the manufacturers of printers do everything to get the customer to shop for new ink. Right back in the summer of 2003, we wrote about an Epson printer that has a piece like:


“... count how many prints you have done, instead of checking how much ink you actually have on the ink cartridges. The result is that the printer stops working and demands a new ink, even if you could in reality run around 50 more prints. Epson rejects the claim and claims the piece is only there to prevent the printer from running out of ink. From 2006, the chip will be totally banned in the EU. ”


Now the "pillows" are used up
Fast until 2022 and Epson continues its somewhat strange methods of additional sales.


This time it is probably the ink pads that are so worn out that service is required - the question is why Epson not only lets customers use the printers until they themselves see it is over and out, instead of stopping the product they have traded from working, over the net... According to Epson, this is not to hurt the printers, more about this later.


The customer in question, Mark Tavern, explains that his wife's "very expensive" Epson printer acted in the United States stopped dating.


Epson has its reasons, but isn't this any way to go too far?
The manufacturer says a solution is to send the printer to Epson to change the ink pads, or to pay for a local workshop to do the job.


According to The Verge, Epson has just deleted a Help document, before this became a talk on Twitter, which explained that "repair may not be a good investment for low prices because the printer's other components can also be close to the end of its usable life" and that "that" Most consumers who are outside the guarantee choose to replace a reasonable printer when they receive a message about the end of the life. ”


It is a bit strange they deleted this, but still not.


Sells keys on the “dark net” to extend the duration
In fact, there is a program (Maintenance Reset Utility ") to Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP that can order the printer to ignore the error messages to continue working (!), But note that Windows 11 is not supported .. It has become so bad that third-party stores sell illegal keys to extend the life of Epson's printers.


It is also the case that Epson says that the error message, in this case, is rare and that they have these features in place to prevent ink from destroying the electronics.


It is not just Epson who engages in such practice. In October last year, we wrote about a Canon printer that refused to scan if it was out of ink.


Do you own an ink printer, if so: Why haven't you gone for laser yet?


Let us know in the comments.

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