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Google is suing Sonos

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In January this year, Google lost a court case against Sonos.

Lost, had to remove functionality

It all ended with the company having to remove functionality:

  • To change the volume of a speaker group, each speaker must be adjusted individually. You will also not be able to change the "Speaker Group" volume on the mobile's physical volume buttons.

  • Most "Speaker Groups" should work as expected, but not if you have a speaker group with other brands that work with Cast, such as JBL or Lenovo. These must be on firmware version 1.52.272222 or later.

  • A small group of users will need to use the "Device Utility" app (DUA) to complete product installation and updates. You might get a prompt to download and run DUA which will make sure your device is connected to WiFi and getting the latest software.

    About seven patents

Now it is Google who is on the warpath with a couple of lawsuits against Sonos. Google believes that the speaker company uses seven patents it owns related to smart speakers and voice control.


Some of them are about how keywords are detected, wireless charging and how a group of speakers should handle voice requests.


Google also hopes to ban imports of the Sonos products they believe abuse their technology.


Google includes the Sonos Move, Roam, Roam SL, Arc, Beam and One in the list of products it believes use stolen technology.

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