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Xbox and Windows fall - that's the situation of Microsoft

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Microsoft has revealed its fourth-finance quarter figures for 2022.

Tough times for the technology industry
The speech is clear: Xbox is down, Windows is down, but sales of Surface in the corporate market are increasing.


Turnover increased by 12 percent, but revenues are up only by two percent. The fact that it goes down for the Windows manufacturer now is not surprising as the figures from the IDC that we wrote about on July 12 reported much weaker sales figures after big purchases when everyone had a home office:


“Global Sales of PCs fell by 15.3 percent from year to 71.3 million units in the second quarter 2022 (2Q22). This is the second quarter in a row with lower shipments after two years of growth. The decline was worse than expected as offers and logistics were further aggravated due to the shutdowns in China and sustained macroeconomic headwinds. "


Windows and Surface
Microsoft, therefore, feels that the licenses PC manufacturers pay for Windows fell by two percent in the fourth quarter. Microsoft says this is done due to a "production shutdown and a deteriorated PC market."


The surface did well in the corporate market with a turnover increase of ten percent. This is extra well done considering that the company has not launched new hardware.


When it comes to the entertainment segment, Xbox turnover fell by 11 percent, and six percent for the sale of Xbox content and services. Microsoft says people spend less time playing and therefore a fall in income generation. This applies to both the company's own studio and third-party games. The total turnover for Microsoft's game segment fell by seven percent.


Satya Nadella says that Microsoft has done well to competitors anyway and has been a "Marketing Leader in the United States for three quarters in a row." This is in line with third-party numbers, which we reported on June 21:


“In fact, Microsoft has done the best and beats Sony with 3.41 million sold against Sony's 3.36 million PS5 sold so far this year. Switch both strikes them thoroughly with 7.10 million Switch sold from the beginning of 2022 to June 11. "


Xbox could also boast the best financial figures compared to sales of $ 16.2 billion on sale. However, Microsoft announces additional downtime for the first Finans quarter of 2023.

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