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No one knows how the Trojans are taking advantage of Macs

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No one knows how the Trojaner Utyatter Macs

The Trojans are aiming for individual persons
The Trojans steal sensitive information from infected machines and have been in circulation since February 4 this year. It is currently unknown how the injury product gets access, as Eset says they have not found that it is abusing new holes.


"Cloudmensis" is able to retrieve information from documents and can log the keyboard activity, retrieve email and attachments, list files from external storage devices and record the contents of the screen.


Here's how it works:



"They don't quite know what they are doing"
In total, it can perform 39 different commands and has been nicknamed because it utilizes Sky storage (PCLoud, Yandex Disk, and Dropbox) to communicate with the hackers.


After the Trojan has gained access to run code, and administrator rights, download several parts of itself in order to perform all operations.


We still do not know how Cloudmensis is distributed and who the goals are. The general quality of the code and the lack of clothing shows that developers may not be very familiar with Mac development and are not so advanced. Nevertheless, a lot of resources were put into making cloudmens ice cream a powerful spying tool and a threat to potential goals.

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