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Here, developers are allowed by Apple to offer alternative payment methods

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Only for dating apps

This week we could write that Apple will in the future allow South Korean developers to offer alternative payment options in their applications.


Now they offer this opportunity to Dutch developers as well - but only in applications with dating purposes.


Again, this is not a voluntary choice from Apple, but a consequence of new legislation.


Apple itself announced the news that in the future they will let dating applications in the Netherlands offer other forms of payment than Apple's solution.


The reason is that the Dutch authorities on December 24 concluded that Apple has abused its market share to force players to use their solution, when they had until January 15 to make a change.


The company argued against it, saying that third-party solutions will negatively impact the user experience and that they will introduce security threats and other privacy concerns. According to Engadget, they have appealed the decision to the Dutch consumer authorities.

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