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Claims HomePod mini is on its way to Norway

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The Swedish website Teknivecka reports that Apple has been testing the HomePod mini in Sweden.

MacRumors reports that reports indicate that the HomePod mini is also being tested in Norwegian.


More independent tips
Several tips they have received are that a number of people in the country have access to HomePod mini devices that have Siri in Swedish, which for us means that it does not have to take long before the smart speaker can find its way here to the country as well...


In the video below you can see a clip of the HomePod mini with Swedish Siri in action. In theory, this should not be possible as Apple has not provided official support for Swedish on the device.



The launch may still be several months away as Swedish Siri does not seem to be too stable yet. The testing must have taken place in the last eight weeks.


Sweden is not alone
The tips that Teknivecka has received are one of several hints that suggest that Apple will launch the HomePod mini in several countries.


Among other things, it was revealed in connection with tvOS 15.2 that the update added support for Dutch and Russian language for Siri on HomePod - both the Netherlands and Russia are countries that have not had official access to HomePod mini so far.


Thailand and Brazil can also take turns receiving the speaker. Recently, the HomePod mini section was added to Apple's website in the two countries, although it was not possible to print them.

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