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Flasher RTX 3080 Ti with 3090 BIOS for extra efficient Ethereum mining

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Utilizes 3090 BIOS
The YouTube profile CryptoMiningDonkey has come out with a little guide for those who have RTX 3080 Ti cards and who want higher efficiency during Ethereum mining.

The method is cunning and currently only works with a handful of video cards: but mainly it is about that if you use RTX 3080 Ti to dig for Ethereum then you can go around 110 MH / s by "flashing" the video card with a DELL RTX 3090-BIOS. It is thus closer to 20 MH / s more, and comes with a risk that the equipment may be damaged - yet many choose to go for higher efficiency.


Shared on YouTube and Reddit
He posted the following message on YouTube and a subreddit dedicated to video card cryptography:




For those that have a DELL RTX 3080 TI or any other RTX 3080 TI with a device ID that contains 2204 (See GPU Z Device ID field), you should be able to flash your card with this (3090 BIOS)

https://www and get ETH hash rate above 110 MH/s. I tried myself, however, nvflash and HiveOS flash won't flash, as my ID is 2208. Thanks to Mohammad Fahham for informing me! Warning, as always, flashing your card may brick it, etc, the house burns down and the cat dies.

If you get it to work, please write which model you have!


  • nvflash64 -b backup.rom

  • nvflash64 –list

  • nvflash64 –index = 5 –protectoff

  • nvflash64 –index = 5 Dell.RTX3090.24576.210726.rom

  • Remove 64 if you don't have the 64-bit version of nvflash. Change 5 with the index number from –list that fits your GPU.


The post states that it is only possible at the moment with video cards from Dell and Alienware.

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