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Dice continues to destroy for himself: removed favorite from Battlefield 2042

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For strange reason(s), Dice has removed the Rush mode from the Portal section of Battlefield 2042.

Rush removed from official playlist

That is, from the official server list, so you will be able to play on servers run by others. We prefer to play on official servers to make sure no one is cheating and that the game does not end. Things like that. Also, note that the progression has limitations so that you can not cheat points against others on official servers.


In fact, Rush and Portal mode was our favorite, something we mentioned in the test of the game that we then rewarded with 7 out of 10, much due to Portal and Rush.


In a deleted tweet from Andy McNamara, EA's "global director of integrated comms for shooters", as Eurogamer explains the position, McNamara believes that fans must calm down as it has been a holiday after all. He apologized and stated that he had not been "clear enough".


Sometimes it's better to do nothing, even after the holidays than to change things you are sure will make your mind boil, especially when they are already disappointed.


The Battlefield boss has just admitted it will take time to fix the game. The question now is whether they are about to lose the patience of the fans.

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