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NBN Co applies fix to get hundreds of Sky Muster satellite services back online

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Premises impacted by a fortnight-long internet outage.

NBN Co has restored internet connectivity for about 85 percent of premises impacted by a fortnight-long outage to part of its Sky Muster satellite network.


The outage started on December 21 and initially impacted about one-third of active premises in the satellite footprint. 


Services for all but 573 premises were recovered in the first 24 hours, however, the remaining premises could not be reconnected to the network, despite a number of attempts.


As reported by iTnews on Tuesday, NBN technicians believed they had found a fix to get the remaining premises online.


The efficacy of that fix has been confirmed in the 48 hours since, with most premises brought back online.


“Over the last 48 hours NBN Co has successfully restored satellite broadband services to 497 premises of the 573 premises that were impacted by the recent outage,” an NBN Co spokesperson told iTnews.


“We are working as quickly as possible to restore broadband service to the 76 premises that remain offline and we will provide further updates on our progress.


“We thank customers for their patience while we have worked to resolve this issue and we are sorry for the inconvenience to affected customers.”


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