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Apple with message to Polish prosecutor: - Your iPhone may be under attack by NSO

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This week it was reported that Apple is taking NSO Group to court for being behind the hacking of the iPhone with so-called Pegasus spyware. We now know a little more about the situation, including how Apple is going to warn those affected that they have probably been subjected to espionage.

Spyed on Polish prosecutor
NSO Group is behind spy software called Pegasus - this has been used by the authorities in several countries to gain unauthorized access to the smartphones of what can be described as vulnerable groups in this context: journalists and lawyers, human rights defenders, and other types of activists, opposition government members and more...


Think Apple reports that Apple has contacted those who have potentially been exposed.


One of these is a Polish Ewa Wrzosek, a prosecuting lawyer with a prosecuting role in a case involving a failed presidential election in which significant sums were allocated to arrange voting by mail - something that never happened anyway.


Apple with direct speech
Yesterday, she posted on Twitter a message where Apple was the sender and expressed a serious concern that she may have been subjected to a Pegasus attack from the government level.

You can see large parts of the message even if something, unfortunately, has not fit in the crop, and it starts like this:



Before the news broke that Wrzosek had received this message from Apple, it appeared in a The Guardian article that some activists in Thailand had also received an identical message. For their part, they have previously been involved in protests where they have fought for reform in the country's monarchy system.

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