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Tile has been acquired

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Life360 has traded Tile, the tracking chips for Android and iPhone. The agreement will be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

The trade has a value of NOK 1.8 billion
The service has probably felt pressure from both Apple and Samsung. Samsung was first out with tracking chips, then AirTag came from Apple with built-in iOS support.


With built-in OS support, it quickly becomes much tougher to compete.


Now Tile has more legs to stand on
We've never heard of Life360 before, but the company specializes in tracking for the whole family and has been around since 2008.


Life360 announces in the press release that Tile will continue to live as an independent brand and that Tile CEO CJ Prober will lead, at the same time as Prober gets a seat on the board of Life360. The team that develops Tile "is expected to remain unchanged", reports Life360.


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