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Now Rockstar apologizes for the failure launch, promising to bring back old versions

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- We apologize to everyone who has experienced problems

On its own website, Rockstar Games has issued a public apology to those who have experienced problems after playing Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition which was launched last week. The collection consists of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, all of which have undergone a modernization process.


It is precisely this process that many have been critical of, and the fans of the game series have held back little in the criticism where much of it is that Rockstar Games has done a bad job of ensuring that the quality lives up to expectations.


In the letter, Rockstar Games begins by apologizing to those who have encountered problems during the game, after which the company confirms that the renewed editions of the three games were launched in a constitution that does not correspond to Rockstar Games' own quality standards.


Update on the way
Furthermore, they write that the plan further is to gather an overview of the technical errors that plague the three games and improve them significantly in each of the upcoming updates.


Finally, the plan is for them to reach a point where the games have the quality they were intended to begin with. The first update will come in a few days, and according to Rockstar will correct a number of errors.


In addition, the letter states that the old editions of the games that were pulled from the Rockstar Store when the Definitive edition was launched are on their way back as a collection package. At the same time, those who have bought the Definitive edition will receive the classic versions free of charge.


Meanwhile, Rockstar Games is asking for people to respect their employees, who after the troubled launch are said to have experienced outrage on social media.

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