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The judge gives a temporary green light to Apple's proposal, 870 million can go to developers

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In the latest development of the case concerning Apple's practice of payment through the App Store, the judge has temporarily agreed that the company will set aside 100 million dollars to developers who are entitled to it. In addition, Apple has agreed to make some changes to the App Store to reflect the tightening of payment through the platform.

The lawsuit can be traced back to 2019 when a group of game and software developers joined forces with Apple for what they thought were poor conditions for publishing content on their service.


The millions will go into a fund
The 100 million dollars, over 870 million Norwegian kroner at today's exchange rate, will be set aside in a fund or a fund where developers can make claims based on their sales history on the platform.


According to MacRumors, it works so that those who earned one million dollars or less in the US region for each year between June 4, 2015, and April 26, 2021, can claim somewhere between $ 250 and $ 30,000. Those who have contributed more to Apple's ecosystem over time should be able to claim more.


A page has already been set up to be notified when the case has received a full clear signal from the judge in the case, Yvonne Gonzales-Rogers.


Changes in the App Store
In addition to the financial compensation, Apple has accepted the requirement to maintain the so-called "App Store Small Business Program" in the current format for at least three years, where developers will be able to use e-mail to communicate to customers that there are alternative payment methods.


Other measures mean that Apple must introduce more pricing options, publish an annual transparency report, and the opportunity for developers to complain if they are denied a request to publish a new application.

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