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So many have installed Windows 11

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AdDuplex's figures for October reveal from 60,000 surveyed machines how many have installed Microsoft's latest OS.

It's been three weeks since its launch

The figures reveal that of all the respondents, Windows 11 has a share of 4.8 percent or over 5 percent as AdDuplex points out if you include all versions, including test versions.


It is also revealed that over 90 percent run either Windows 10 with 2020 or 2021 version, or Windows 11.


Microsoft is pushing Windows 11
In September, ie before the official launch on October 4 (the day after for the PC manufacturers), the figure was 1.3 percent, so the official launch has accelerated the installation pace. At the same time, Microsoft has just rolled out a Windows 10 health check (KB5005463) to see if the machine can install.


Microsoft has just started a new rollout for several types of machines, which will further increase the pace of adaptation.


Sources: adduplex

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