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Microsoft's revenue is going up, but the Surface numbers are still a disappointment

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In connection with the publication of figures for the first quarter of the financial year 2022, Microsoft announces that they have experienced an increase of 22 per cent compared with last year. They can report a result of almost NOK 380 billion - a fresh increase from previous periods.

Almost all arrows point upwards
Much of this task is due to the part of Microsoft's business that covers cloud services:


Office Commercial and cloud services together accounted for an increase of 18% compared to before, while Office 365 Commercial increased by 23%. On this occasion, Microsoft can also boast 54.1 million subscribers, as well as a sales increase among Azure-related services of 50%.


About Microsoft Cloud Services, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella comments:


Digital technology is a declining force in a growing economy. Both small and large companies can increase productivity and availability among their products and services by adding a higher degree of technological intensity.

Microsoft Cloud offers end-to-end platforms and tools that organizations can use to navigate through this period of great change.


The Microsoft CEO often uses the term "technological intensity" to describe the potential for business owners to use given technology and build on this with their own ideas.


The news of a sharp increase in revenue is mostly pleasant reading for Microsoft's stakeholders, but it is reported that the company's Surface department is not doing quite as well, with a 17% drop in revenue. It is emphasized here that Microsoft launched new Surface machines a month ago.


The decline continues in the same direction as before, when Microsoft had to see a 20% decline in Surface sales - the time argued with curls in the supply chain in combination with a strong previous year.


Sharp increase in Xbox sales figures
Interestingly, Xbox Game Pass numbers are omitted, unlike the previous quarter when 18 million subscribers to the service were registered.


Sales revenue for the gaming industry as a whole grew by 16% from last year, and Microsoft can point to a modest increase of two percent for Xbox content and services. In hardware, they have made a big leap thanks to somewhat sluggish years in advance as well as good demand for Xbox Series X and S.


The revenue increase on sales of Xbox hardware is stated to be 166% compared to the previous year.

Sources: Neowin

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