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Pixel 6 Pro is slower than three year old iPhone, but does it matter?

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We have long hoped that Google would be serious about hardware, but they continue to hold back a real global launch. The same goes for the new Pixel 6 series which gets good reviews.

Google lags behind raw performance in GeekBench, but does it really matter on mobiles?

For performance is not everything, and to ensure that the battery lasts a long time while the phone is slim and light, Google has instead chosen to focus on the overall experience and not to be the fastest possible - well, that is at least what the numbers reveal.


But the fact is that Google's Tensor chip, the first of its kind, is many years behind Apple's chip design.


This may not be so bad on mobile, but if Google wants to challenge the MacBook Pro, they need to do more. That may be why they did not unveil new Pixelbooks.



Google's secret weapon is machine learning, some say

Everyone is behind Apple's chip design on mobiles (Intel seems to be making great strides on laptops), but it's a bit weird to see that Google lags behind even the iPhone Xs Max from 2018 with an A12 chip.


Yogesh Brar from 91Mobiles says that the chip in the Pixel 6 Pro is a Whitechapel 5 nm chip that is more like a Snapdragon 870 chip than an 888.


According to Brar, Google's focus is on machine learning, “so that AI performance matches other leading mobile chips. It is a plus that the GPU performs well when stressed ”.

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