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In the new iPhone update, you can finally disable this annoyance

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iOS 15.1 is currently in beta testing and will, among other things, add support for SharePlay and in iPadOS 15.1, Universal Control in combination with macOS Monterey, which may be launched to developers in the finished version at 20:00 on 18 October.

You've probably flicked off this alert many times
If you are already testing the first major iOS 15 update, you can now immediately turn off something that has certainly bothered you many times - it has at least been a nuisance for us in the editorial office.


The culprit is the repeated fuss about retrieving the Apple TV keyboard on the mobile phone, a warning that comes on time and off time.


Disable it in the notification settings
Hidden under "Settings" - "Alerts" and then Alert type, you can select the Apple TV keyboard. You can then disable alerts. That's it. That it has not been possible until now is strange, but this is often the case with Apple.


It is strange that Apple has forgotten to remove in the tvOS 15 user guide that it is possible, but at the same time removed the possibility in iOS 15.


As MacRumors notes: if you do not see the Apple TV keyboard during notifications, you need to connect to the TV first, then it should be possible.

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