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Swedish teenagers sell body tracking system for VR for only 600 kroner

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For 600 Swedish kroner, you now get a system that tracks your body movements and works with all VR glasses that support Steam VR. Too good to be true?

StonX was founded by 16-year-old Anton Bill Månsson and two friends
Before, there are no VR systems on the market that record body movements, although some enthusiasts have used HTC's Vive Trackers and Microsoft's Kinect.

But HTC Vive Trackers cost 1300 kroner each and to track the whole body you usually use three pieces
In addition, you must have the base station which is located at 2499 at, so the whole system with VR glasses will be quite expensive.

StoX system, on the other hand, includes a tracking camera that you connect to the machine with USB 2 and four tracking chips called "Cookies". The biscuits do not need power or connection, but are passive reflectors that are recognized by the system's camera.

The Swedish system does not have millimeter precision like HTC's system, but it is apparently not necessary either. Instead, StonX has centimeter precision, which is cheaper and easier to build.

The sensor that comes with the system tracks the biscuits at 120 Hz with tailor-made algorithms that understand the user's movements.

The box comes with one camera with LED lights, four biscuits, 3 straps, and a cable.

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