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12 Android 11 News You Should Know About

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Removes some troubles and gives you new opportunities.

Yesterday, Google launched the first developer beta of Android 11, Never before has Google released a preview of a new Android version as early as this time.

It also means that you can expect relatively small changes in the user interface. The biggest improvements and the most important innovations can be found under the hood.

For Pixel phones only
First, we must clarify that you probably won't be able to access the beta yourself. Because Google has released the early Android 11 edition of Pixel phones, so unless you actually have a Pixel phone - which is rather unlikely all the time they're not being sold in the UK - you'll probably have to wait a while before you get to test.

1: Calls more accessible
One of the news is that Google has finally got "Bubbles" in place. These are "bubbles" that keep your conversations flowing across the UI across apps. It works some puff in the same way as Facebook's chat bubbles. Google's idea is to make your calls easier to access, so in addition to the bubble feature, they have added a dedicated conversation section in the notification section of the OS.

2: Screen recording
Screenshots were available in the Android 10 beta, but the feature did not find its way to the release-ready version of the OS. But in the Android 11 trial, screenshots are back.

3: Security and app permissions
Android 11 will further enhance security and give the user more control. As part of this, Android 11 introduces a new feature that allows you to temporarily allow apps to access your camera, microphone and location services.

4: Airplane mode change
When you turn on Airplane mode, you will no longer lose the connection to Bluetooth devices. Finally!

5: Automatic Night mode
In Android 11, you can turn on "Auto Night Mode", which automatically lets the phone adjust its color based on the time of day.

6: Attach apps to the sharing screen
Another feature of the Android 10 beta: now you can choose to attach apps to the box that pops up when sharing content. This doesn't work for all apps yet, but it has been confirmed to work in Chrome.

7: New-look of the screenshot feature
According to XDA Developers, a new screenshot has been hidden that has a new interface. However, this is not enabled by default, nor is it 100 percent functional yet. When launched, it will probably be possible to take screenshots that you can scroll through, such as images of entire web pages.

8: Better support for new form factors
Foldable units and multi-screen devices are in the wind during the day. Android 11 should also take this into account, which is why the OS has better support for such form factors. It includes both foldable devices and new types of screen solutions (eg water drop or hole-punch screens).

9: Better 5G support
Google promises better 5G support and launches a 5G API that allows developers to build services that make the most of the new mobile network.

10: Removes troublesome sounds during video recording
By default, you will no longer be disturbed by incoming notifications if you take pictures or record a video. The Do Not Disturb feature can be manually disabled if the user so desires.

11: Save the driver's license
In Android 11, it will be possible to digitally store the driver's license on the phone. It is not yet known whether the digital driver's license meets the identification requirements.

12: Displays the number of frames per second
There's also a new feature in place that lets you monitor how many times your screen updates every second. If the screen is running at 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz, you can now easily find out via a kind of "layer" floating at the top of the interface. So if you have a 120Hz capable phone you can use this tool to actually check if the monitor delivers what it promises.

Check out XDA Developers' video that goes through the most important news:

A lot can still happen
Despite some news, Android 11 appears to be a relatively modest upgrade compared to Android 10.

But the Olympics are still developing, and there may soon be more news. Not least, there may be several new features that are not yet activated and therefore unknown to us at this time.

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