These programs stole browser history

Apple | Sep 12, 2018 | Master3395

It is explained in the terms.

The Dr. UnArchive lurked into the Mac App Store using the name "Trend Micro Inc." - a well-known security company - as a publisher. Dr. Unarchiver pretends to be a macOS compression app but did something completely different.

Updated, 22:42:

Trend Micro explains that they encrypted the apps for Mac OS to retrieve "a small portion of browser history, once, 24 hours after installation." Furthermore, the company explains that "this happened once and was performed for security reasons."

Browser history was then uploaded to an American server operated by Amazon and managed by Trend Micro. The company points out that the terms explain that this is something that will be done in addition to an additional highlight during the installation.

Following apps are hit and thrown out of the Mac App Store:

Total browser data
9to5Mac can confirm that the app after reports appeared on the Malwarebytes forum, collects browser history from Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and uploads this information to its servers. Not only that, the app also collects information about other apps located on the PC.

The website explains that when you start Dr. Unarchiver, the program starts collecting the above information, creates a zip file and then uploads this file to the developer's servers.

Was removed
At one point, Dr. Unarchiver was the 12th most popular app in the Mac App Store, writes 9to5Mac that reports that Apple has finally removed the software from the software store.

Such apps have become a growing issue in the Mac App Store recently, and common to all is that they ask for access to the Mac's Home folder. As soon as a user has consented to this, the app may collect information such as browser history and other personal information.

The app is also available in the Microsoft Store, also here with Trend Micro Inc. as a developer.

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Sources: The Register

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