Twitter: - The algorithms have not always been impartial

General | Sep 9, 2018 | Master3395

Admit that users have not been treated fairly.

During the US Congress's query of Twitter and Facebook, Twitter could reveal that they had reduced visibility to over 600,000 accounts - including accounts belonging to Congress members.

However, Twitter could not answer if the majority of them were Republican or Democratic.

Not governed by political ideology
"Twitter does not use political ideology to make decisions about the visibility of single content or how we enforce our rules," said Twitter top Jack Dorsey.

sneak Exclusion
The reason for the questioning is that US authorities suspect that Twitter is censoring statements belonging to the conservative side of US politics.

Some users discovered that their tweets did not appear in Twitter's search results and that their tweets were therefore hidden away - a so-called snake exclusion.

Dorsey stated that Twitter uses hundreds of signals to determine what to display - and in what order the results are listed.

Penalty because of the followers' patterns of action
Furthermore, Dorsey explained that the algorithm also took into account the implications of the silly twitter accounts and that some politicians were therefore punished as a result of the action pattern of their followers.

"It was unfair and we corrected it," said Dorsey.

Hearing motivated by conspiracy theories
Democrat Paul Sabanas said that the consultation was initiated by conspiracy theories - theories that have gotten sails due to Donald Trump. Furthermore, the Democrat Jerry McNerney stated that the entire investigation is a game for the American voters.

Frank Pallone stated on behalf of the Democratic Camp that Trump can not blame Twitter for being impartial, while Trump can use Twitter to spread disinformation.

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