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Israeli scientists retrieve data via the power cable.

The Bleeping Computer and IDG write that researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of Negev in Israel have managed to extract data from a PC without internet connection. Instead, the information is retrieved from the machine's power cable.

Retrieves data from the power cord
This is possible with the harmful Powerhammer that "transforms the information into a code that it later telegraphs through the PC's power connection," explains The Bleeping website.

The solution is very complicated and the attackers must first have installed the malware on the machine in order to obtain information. In addition, it must have an overview of the victim's power consumption and the ability to extract small parts. Complicated, though, it shows that one is not necessarily safe even with a PC that is not online.

Two different methods
The Bleeping Computer explains that there are two methods for extracting information this way. One is called "line lever power hammering" and happens when the attacker manages to extract information from the power cord between the PC and the power outlet. In this case, researchers have managed to reach a transmission rate of 1000 bits per second.

«Phase Liver Power Hammering» is more hidden than the other method and targets the fuse box. The disadvantage of this solution is that the transfer rate is at only 10 bits per second. This is mainly due to more "noise" on the power line, writes the site.

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Sources: The Bleeping Computer, IDG

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