Google: - Android is as secure as iOS

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This is the plan to improve safety in 2018.

Google's Dave Kleidermacher, "Vice President of Security for Android", sums up the Android Security Year and wants to spread a message that's important to them: - Android is safe to use!

- As good as iOS
The most exciting thing for those of us who follow Android's iOS development is that Google now announces that Android is as secure as the "competitors" without naming names, but nobody else than Android and iOS actually competes.

The report's first page reports that "Android security was significantly improved in 2017 and several of our protection mechanisms are industry leaders."
Kleidermacher also claims above Cnet that security issues like previously bothered Android users are nowhere near as much of a problem due to a built-in software network that catches harm.

Can secure even older Android versions
Does this mean that Google monkeys Apple's way of approaching security, ie unlocking everything on the mobile phone and making the App Store as secure as possible with manual reviews of all apps?

No, Kleidermacher claims it is possible to lock Android's security issues by deploying security features on Android mobiles.

Also, Google will not remove the ability to download apps outside of the Google Play Store, but instead develop tools that can identify and disable dangerous apps (Google Play Protect). 39 million such dangerous apps are already removed from Android owners' mobiles.

We expect it to be targeted to the majority of Android devices in the world that have not been upgraded to the latest version and there are few:

The figures are updated as of February 5th. (Ill .: Google)
The figures are updated as of February 5th. (Ill .: Google)

- Android is safer open than iOS is closed
"As a global and open source project, the Android community has people collaborating to defend the OS against the more serious gaps and develop shields. A society such as this can be much bigger and more effective than a closed software project operating on a similar size scale, "claims Kleidermacher, which in turn aims for closed iOS.

The report also has something to report just the issue of old Android versions in circulation:

"The majority of distributed devices for over 200 different Android models from over 30 device manufacturers are running a security update from the last 90 days."
Kleidermacher believes that by 2018, "the total share of devices that get these common security updates will increase."

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Sources: Cnet, Google, Google (PDF)

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