YouTube removed videos and deleted channels to people on the right side

General | Mar 4, 2018 | Master3395

InfoWars was one of the channels that were blocked.

The Bloomberg website announces that several of YouTube's new moderators employed to detect false, deceptive and extreme videos, removed channels and content from people on the right side.

- By mistake
It was in December that Google announced that the company would employ over 10,000 people whose task is to monitor content on the world's largest video service. In the wake of the school shooting in Parkland in the state of Florida in mid-February, the moderators have mistakenly removed videos and channels from the right wing and people who are in the United States.

Among them is InfoWars who found that the account was temporarily closed. The site founder, Alex Jones, has conceded that several of the survivors from the school shooting are "trained crisis actors". The channel of Titus Frost was blocked from YouTube. Frost twisted recently that David Hogg, one of the people who survived the Parkland shooting, is an actor.

YouTube confirms that some content was removed by mistake, but did not specify what content it is talking about. As Bloomberg writes, it is thus unknown whether Frost and Jones were actually removed by mistake or if that was the goal.

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