Google has explained how to target search ads by EU record bots

Google | Sep 1, 2017 | Master3395

But neither party will reveal what the changes mean.

The EU went to war with Google to stop the ad and search giant to prioritize its own advertising in search results.

Now, Google has explained to the EU what they want to do to comply with the demands of the powerful European organization.

Not allowed to prioritize yourself
The EU has ordered Google to rank competitive shopping services similar to its own ads and that Google ranks competitive shopping services poorer than its own so that they fall far below the search result - therefore, the EU claims that competitors lose traffic and thus money.

The EU has spent seven years investigating Google and giving them a record fine of $ 22 billion in June.

Can be punished further if the EU thinks they do not do enough
This is what the EU says now: "The Commission can confirm that we have received Google information on how they intend to ensure compliance with the Commission's decision within the stipulated deadline."

Besides this, there are no specific details, and the EU does not teach Google how to do this. Neither of the two parties wish to extend further.

However, if the EU finds that Google is not doing enough, they can give them additional fines: as much as 5 percent of the average daily global revenue for each day they do not do as the EU requires they do.

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Sources: WSJ

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