Here's how to install windows10

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Here's how to install windows10.

I have here downloaded .iso file and installed because of, a clean installation. I think that upgrading from one version to another, it has been shown in the last year since win10 came that it is not a very good idea. Therefore, we do this completely from scratch.

First, we need iso-fila. We can use the medication tool for this, either to save the iso file to the hard drive, or go straight to make a USB right away. These two choices are in the media creation tool.

Follow this
We must first create a bootable USB with this .iso file, we did here

That way, we're ready to start the installation. Insert USB where it should be, choose this to start the machine. This varies from machine to machine, but often this may be the F9 key while it is still in the BIOS window.

The first thing we see when it starts is this:


It's a good sign. Next, ask it by language. Again ..... But polite as we are, then we choose which language we think is OK to use.


Same selections as in the other win versions. We then choose install now.
Repair the computer is something we use when the machine is arguing, but I'll cover it in another tutorial.


Enable. Actually, quite simply, key key here.


Select version. This must match the version for which you have a key.


Do not get beyond this... Accept and the case is straightforward.

Tip: If you have an error setting up the installer, do not accept the license requirements here,
Then it will stop returning to where it was before it began.


When this appears, I consistently choose custom. Then the hard disk formats, everything gets lost, also all the gruff that may be on the disk ...
Upgrade only makes it "on top" of the previous version, it can create some clicks.


Choose drive where you want win10
Here it will most likely appear several discs and partitions, so keep your tongue right here.
If you have windows from before, it's important that the 100mb partition is deleted. Here are the boot files for the previous one
The operating system is located and the crash will crash if we remove it. We also remove the partition where we will go win10 on


Then it has got what it needs and starts the installation.


Restart needed. Even for windows10....


As the self says: It clarifies....



If you press "Customize Settings", this will appear:


But we used "Quick Settings" to get this nice message... (in your language) :-)



This is true: this may take a while... :-)


But now it's suddenly reduced for a moment... :-)


For those who are not steady in English, ask them who their machine is. Choose said "I own it", if it's yours.
The other choice lets us connect to the domain, or azure. These vials come because this is win10 pro.


 This image appears, here you enter login information for your Microsoft account.


 You can also enter a PIN



 Here you can choose whether to use one-drive, or only on the machine locally. Are important pictures that you do not want to lose or documents, I think enough onedrive is the thing.





 Puh .... then it was finally done. Here I would have taken a restart, so for the sake of security .. :-)


 Ready and ready to use :-)

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