You get the laptop on the plane, but the security checks are getting stricter

General | Aug 8, 2017 | Master3395

Soon all electronics must be larger than a smartphone out of the handbag.

There was no thing about the alleged laptop ban on flights from Europe to the United States and the ban is being abolished in countries that have previously been introduced.

The tablet must be out
Instead, TSA, the Transportation Security Administration in the United States, will introduce stricter security checks at the airports. This means that "all electronics larger than a mobile phone" must be taken out of the hand baggage and shipped alone through the X-ray machine.

Earlier, tablets and small laptops like MacBook 12 "could remain in the bag or purse through the machine, Apple Insider writes.

The solution has been pilot tested at ten airports in the country and, according to TSA, the trial period was a success. Thus, the rules will apply to all airports in the US in the coming weeks.

Frequent check of luggage
At the same time as the new rules, TSA warns passengers that they will experience more frequent baggage checks due to extensive testing:

"Whether you are flying to, from or in the United States, TSA is committed to increasing safety in the aviation industry by strengthening the safety of our commercial airline network to make sure that flight is a safe choice for all," said a statement from Huban A . Gowadia, Acting Administrator in TSA.

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Sources: Apple Insider

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