China is working on its own messaging service

IT | Aug 7, 2017 | Master3395

But similar networks have previously been broken.

Quantum encryption is a field China has used a lot of resources recently, and now they put the technology into a messaging service.

Closest impossible to intercept
While Internet and telephone cables can be intercepted, network networks send messages like light photos. If someone tries to intercept the network, the photos cut the communication and the messages will be lost.

It is the Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology which is behind the messaging service and last month, the Institute conducted tests on the system. The plans are to launch the service in August and initially there are 200 people in the authorities who will use the "unbreakable" messaging service. The network has a range of 2000 kilometers and is thus the longest in the world.

The system is able to encrypt 4000 parts of data every second.

Also read: Chinese researchers "teleported" quantum information to the room.

As Digi writes, there are certainly cases where quantum encryption has been hacked. Researchers at two universities in Sweden have proven that it is possible, something researchers at NTNU have also succeeded in (external link). It happened in 2010.

Keywords: Encryption, quantum cryptography

Sources: China Daily

Author: Master3395


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