Google released the network client for Android with 30 years of old technology

Google | Jul 23, 2017 | Master3395

Will be removed in the next Windows version. Google has previously criticized Microsoft for creating "insanely bad" software, but this time it seems it's their turn. Allows Android to talk to Windows networks Many were happy when Google suddenly released a Samba client based on open source a few days ago. That means you can share files from your Windows computer with an Android phone and view photos, videos, and other files from shared folders on a Windows network. But there is a chin on this app. Uses thirty years old protocol It uses a thirty-year-old network protocol called SMB1, which has been updated and updated in newer versions (such as SMB2 and SMB3) with ever-increasing security and features since then. However, SMB1, as used by the Google app, has stood still in all these years and poses a security risk. Not only was this protocol used by both WannaCry and Petya hostages, but it exposes users to so-called man in the middle attack, Microsoft wrote in 2016. Ask users to switch to updated versions At that time, they urgently asked all their users to switch away from this old and dangerous protocol, and use the more up-to-date, safer and more feature-rich protocols SMB2 and SMB3. SMB1, in turn, was made in the eighties and was "designed for a world that no longer exists," writes Microsoft: "A world without malicious actors, without much set of important data, without near-universal PC usage, wrote Ned Pyle, the CEO of SMB in Microsoft, in this TechNet record. Many have therefore simply blocked the use of SMB1 on their networks, and in addition, the support for the protocol will be removed in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 in the Fall Creators Update, which will be published in the autumn, he is currently writing.

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Sources: Neowin, Anrdoi Police, Microsoft Technet blogs

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